Fostering a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

In an ever evolving industry, Apollo Clinics is proud to offer Occupational
Health Services to companies like yours, to promote and maintain the well being of your employees.


Our experienced medical team of physicians and allied health professionals are fully qualified to assist in
tailoring a medical surveillance program that fits the needs of your company.

I am available by phone, or free secure video chat at Doxy.me:

Services Offered:

& Periodic Medical Examinations

Lift Truck Medical

Medical Surveillance of
Designated Substance (Ontario Only)

On-Site Medical Testing

Customized Wellness

WSIB work related illness and
injury reporting and Disability
Claims Management Programs

On-Site Urine Drug and
Alcohol Testing & Breath
Alcohol Testing

Urine Drug and Alcohol Testing
(non-DOT and DOT testing)

Breath Alcohol Testing
(non-DOT and DOT testing)

Laboratory Services

ECG, Pulmonary Function Test,
Audiogram Screening

Vision Testing
(Snellen and Ishihara Colour
Vision Testing)

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